Positive attitude

The customer service industry is probably one of the toughest jobs — dealing with annoying and furious customers every day is not an easy job. In fact, dealing with these kind of everyday behavior can cause mental and physical exhaustion, which may negatively affect agents’ physical health, and may lead to poor performance. Moreover, despite this baleful effect on health condition, a lot of people — particularly young ones — prefer to work as a call center agents because of the promising future it offers.

It’s noteworthy that call center work is not only limited to customer service. As a matter of fact, there are two types of call center jobs: outbound and inbound. Notably, outbound and inbound call center have one thing in common — they need to deal with annoying customers every day. That’s why it’s inevitable for call center agents, regardless of the nature of their work, to feel the burnout.

Indeed, being in this kind of environment everyday can debilitate one’s perspective to continue the work, and maintaining a positive attitude in this industry is very important. As a matter of fact, having a positive attitude can significantly help agents ease the work burnout.

There are many reasons why customer representatives or call center agents need to maintain a positive attitude in their daily lives. Moreover, maintaining a positive attitude can only be achieved by changing the agent’s perspective towards their work. It’s a matter of conditioning the mind by seeing the lighter side. As an example, try to have a good conversation with your customers — not all customers are annoying, there are some customers who are very affectionate, and love to give a good conversation.

Having a positive attitude can motivate the entire team, and most likely help other agents to overcome the obstacles they’re facing in the course of their job. As a matter of fact, according to Arindam Nag, people who have a positive attitude in the workplace can inspire people around them to see the positive side, and may see the world differently.

In fact, positive attitude can also make an agent more productive; according to website Training Today, most customers will more likely respond positively to a call center with a positive attitude. In fact, maintaining a positive attitude can increase job satisfaction — call center agents who find their work enjoyable and rewarding can result to a lower employee turnover rate.

Russell Meiselman