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Author: Zack Williamson

Zack Williamson is a co-founder and CEO of, a remote staffing and business management consulting firm with offices and partners in the US, UK, The Philippines, New Zealand and Australia. Zack enjoys writing about a wide range of topics from business process consulting and International manpower logistics to digital media and internet marketing. That being said, some people visit his blog to check out the occasional rant about politics, health, music and more.
Lock down

Lock down

Our clients are our top priority. Yesterday, we started working from home. Amid crisis, we still make sure that we provide the best service. No matter what it takes. Even if it means we need to deliver every employee’s computer to their homes because public transportation is suspended and they can’t make it to the office, we’ll do it.

That’s the thing about having an offshore staff- you have their support no matter what.

If anyone of you is in need of an offshore team, I’m glad to help.

Have a great day, everyone!

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Are you a strategical or tactical leader?

Are you a strategical or tactical leader?

Strategic leaders are visionaries. They look at things from sky view and thoughtfully process information. They like to follow the standard procedures, and they think thoroughly before making a decision. Whereas, Tactical leaders are doers. They understand what needs to be done and get it done as soon as possible. They are focused on solving day-to-day problems.

But, both of them have disadvantages.

CONS of being a strategic leader:

They focus too much on future intent that they overlook current reality. They spend a significant amount of time thinking and discussing goals and plans that they couldn’t accomplish one thing.

CONS of being a tactical leader:

They are too determined to tick off their checklist that they lose sight of the vision. They also tend to be territorial. They don’t let anyone take over because they know they can get things done in a way nobody else can.

Which are you? Who are you as a leader? Do you wear two different hats at the same time? It’s important to know when is the right time and place to be either.

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5 FAQs on Outsourcing

5 FAQs on Outsourcing

Understanding the concept of outsourcing can be daunting. But the truth is, it’s not that complicated. Here are a few frequently asked questions on outsourcing to help you understand further.

outsourcing faqs image

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is basically hiring professionals outside a company to do a task that is normally performed in-house. In the traditional business model, a company would hire an accountant to perform accounting services for the company. In outsourcing, a third-party company does almost everything, from the hiring process to regularly monitoring your offshore staff on your behalf at a much lower cost.

How can outsourcing help my business?

Aside from cutting your expenses, outsourcing can also help reduce the stress from your employees caused by overwhelming workloads. You can delegate the small tasks to your offshore staff so your in-house employees can focus on more crucial responsibilities. 

Can I outsource even though I’m a small or medium-sized business?

Absolutely! You don’t have to be as big as Google to outsource. Small to medium-sized companies can also take advantage of this business model. The best thing about outsourcing is that the possibilities are limitless. If you own a printing business, you can outsource a graphic designer to do the layouts. Perhaps, you own a restaurant. Maybe, you can outsource a social media marketing specialist to take care of your online presence. Or if you own a law firm, you can outsource an administrative assistant to do all the paper works. 

What kind of jobs can I outsource?

You can outsource tasks that do not require face-to-face interaction with customers. Read here to learn more:

How do I make sure that my offshore staff is doing his job?

On our previous blog, Employee Management is one of the CONS of outsourcing. And the best way to handle this is to have support staff to oversee and a time-tracking and productivity-monitoring software. Read this blog to learn more:

Got more questions? Talk to us today!

Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano

The Bayanihan spirit is a Filipino trait which means being one in a nation. It is a beautiful mentality where Filipinos go out of their way to help their countrymen when disasters or natural calamities strike. Taal Volcano, the second most active volcano in the Philippines, erupted and spewed ashes to Calabarzon, Metro Manila and some parts of Central Luzon.

Last Saturday, our team in Clark, went all the way to Batangas, to give evacuees and victims a few relief goods and clothes. Thanks to our employees who did not hesitate to donate and volunteer to help communities affected by the Taal Volcano eruption.

I strongly believe that you don’t have to be a Filipino to have a Bayanihan spirit. We can all make a difference in our little ways. Find out how to donate here:


Clark outsourcing

Clark outsourcing

Our global resources can take your company to the next level!!!

No matter what brand you want to communicate with your customers, we always strive to keep it lively and warm as though you are doing the job yourself. Our team makes it a point to be well-immersed in your brand to make our partnership abiding. An offshore contact center can be best described as challenging and eventful. Situations often demand an organized, focused and professional management. This is what we offer and this is what we stand by.


US: +1 910 795 2888 UK: +44 20 8133 1069 AU: +61 2 8003 5771 Website:

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Ways To Motivate Your Offshore Employees

Ways To Motivate Your Offshore Employees

motivate your offshore employees image

Reveal Business Objectives. 

All staff should know the company’s greatest objectives and offshore employees are no different. Understanding how their work fits into the big picture will give them that much needed sense of accomplishment. For a real boost in motivation you can assist them in getting their professional goals aligned with the future success of the company.

Provide Training and Professional Development. 

Offshore employees are eager to learn new skills that often times are not available in their home country. Employees that are offered professional development and routine training classes are sure to stay motivated in putting those newly acquired skills to work. Simple education sessions covering business etiquettes and communication improvements can go a long way in the professional growth of your overseas employee.

Communicate Often. 

It is important to learn about your offshore employees interests as much as, if not more, than your in-house employees so you have a clear idea what motivates them. Being careful not to come off as a micromanager, you should be checking-in with your remote employees on a regular basis. You get the benefit of keeping your employee motivated while at the sametime getting progress updates to ensure they are on track to meet personal and company goals.

Ensure Adequate Work Environment. 

Oversea remote employees might not have the required internet connection and hardware necessary to be as productive as possible. Obviously this can be extremely demotivating if they don’t have access to the tools required to complete their work. Getting your offshore employee setup in coworking spaces will greatly increase their productivity and overall satisfaction of working for your company.

Recognize and Reward. 

One of the easiest ways to keep your offshore employees motivated is by publicly acknowledging their achievements. Quickly recognizing when they go above and beyond can easily be accomplished via social media, Skype or even email. These simple recognitions will have even more power if you find creative ways to tie them into bonuses and salary raises.

The limits of what can be accomplished with offshore employees is endless as long as they are motivated. The recommendations in this article are not going to result in overnight motivation but with consistency will have overseas employees eager work each and everyday. Money alone is not going to be enough to keep offshore employees excited working for you so make sure you are proactive and creative in applying different motivation techniques.

The 3 Benefits of Seat Leasing

The 3 Benefits of Seat Leasing

seat leasing image

Businesses around the world have been investing in seat leasing for many years now. It is one of the most popular trends in the outsourcing industry and has allowed small and medium sized businesses to grow without breaking the bank.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to jump into the seat leasing bandwagon, and cost-saving is only one of them. Now, you may be wondering about what seat leasing actually means. As the name suggests, seat leasing is basically renting a specified number of workstations in a fully-operational office which is usually used as a call center. Companies offering this service can also provide IT support, recruitment, staff management, and other administrative services that usually exists in a conventional office.

Now, back to the main topic, why are businesses choosing to rent workspaces in shared offices instead of purchasing (or renting) their own? Listed below are the reasons why seat leasing is popular, and why you should consider doing it as well.

1. Cost effective

The main reason why businesses delve into seat leasing is due to its cost-effectiveness. By renting workstations in an existing office, you no longer need to worry about spending time and money on refurbishing the place, buying all the work equipment, and setting up the overheads. Seat leasing gives you and your employees access to ready-to-use facilities.

2. Scalable

Business owners often have difficulty growing or shrinking their business. When a company begins to experience changes, such as an increase or decrease in clients, they may need to expand or narrow down their workforce. When a business grows, this can incur additional equipment, overhead, and utility expenses.

With seat leasing, businesses in need of more or less workstations and employees simply need to tell their partner company about the number of seats they wish to add or remove. Modifying their monthly payments can be easy depending on the seat leasing company they choose to partner with.

3. Access to the latest technology

Technology is always changing. What’s current today may be obsolete in just a few months. For small and medium-sized companies, keeping up with the latest equipment can be difficult because let’s face it, new computers, better servers, and faster internet connection is anything but cheap.

When you decide to seat lease, your business can take advantage of the latest technology in the market without having to invest in the equipment themselves. Good seat leasing companies remain up-to-date with the latest technological trends in the industry and they are constantly upgrading their IT infrastructure for the benefit of their clients, i.e. your business.

Consider seat leasing today

Seat leasing offers the convenience and affordability that so many businesses seek. Growing your brand is no longer a question of “can I do it”, rather, it’s a question of “when will I do it?” Operating your business functions in the Philippines via offshore seat leasing is unquestionably beneficial to both you and the people that you will hire. You’ll save a significant amount of money without lowering the standard of your products and services.

Consider seat leasing today and see your business reach all-time highs!

Advantages of An Outsourced Medical Billing Department

Advantages of An Outsourced Medical Billing Department

The medical industry is one of the most complex, technical, and heavily regulated one in the world. For those who own or manage a healthcare organization, this complexity is highly apparent. To keep their services functional and to maintain the high standard of services that is expected of their facility, they must have enough resources. They need to have people with enough skill, experience, and knowledge to do their jobs well. Their equipments must be up to date and must be free of any damages that could compromise the lives of their patients.

To keep the people and the equipment working in good condition, they need to have the money. Yes, money. It is this very reason why so many hospital directors and CEO’s are continuously cracking their heads in search of ways to minimize their costs.

This is where outsourcing comes in. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, outsourcing is a business practice which involves asking a different company or individual to handle a certain function or department in an organization. In today’s blog post, we will talk about outsourcing medical billing. Specifically, the advantages of doing so.

microscope image

Advantage #1: It reduces costs

Among the most common reasons (albeit not the most important) why healthcare organization owners choose to outsource their medical billing department is due to its effectiveness in reducing their costs. The main purpose of a medical billing company is to handle and submit the medical claims of patients to the respective insurance organizations — both government and private owned.

The costs of training, recruitment, and setting up an in-house medical billing department is not cheap. In fact, it can be quite expensive and the results you will get will not be as satisfying as you would expect. A good outsourced medical billing company will guarantee that you get what you pay for, and if not, they will most likely be willing to give you a refund or a replacement team.

Advantage #2: Financial problems can be avoided

Financial problems can be avoided, specifically those caused by claims that have denied, rejected, or ignored due to human or technical error. These errors, once left unfixed, can be highly damaging to an organization.

Another reason why CEOs choose to outsource is to avoid financial losses. It is vital for them to find a reputable organization to outsource with, which will give them access to a team of goal-oriented people. Your cash flow will be a lot smoother. All insurance claims will processed and claimed as soon as possible. And above all, you will receive the medical reimbursements of your payments on time.

Advantage #3: Patient satisfaction will be greatly improved

To put your patients’ safety and satisfaction first is important if you want people to choose your organization over your competition. While some large-scale hospitals have enough funds and backers to afford an in-house team of medical billers, most small time clinics have difficulty in maintaining one.

Small organizations who outsource their medical billing will no longer have to worry about all the complexities of the entire process. Instead, they will have all the time and effort in doing what they do best: providing for their patients’ needs.

These three advantages of an outsourced medical billing department are not minimal. For an organization that’s having a hard time making ends meet, outsourcing can be the ideal solution that can help pave the way for growth and eventually, success.

Thank you for reading my article. Feel free to view our Company website here.