Are you a strategical or tactical leader?

Strategic leaders are visionaries. They look at things from sky view and thoughtfully process information. They like to follow the standard procedures, and they think thoroughly before making a decision. Whereas, Tactical leaders are doers. They understand what needs to be done and get it done as soon as possible. They are focused on solving day-to-day problems.

But, both of them have disadvantages.

CONS of being a strategic leader:

They focus too much on future intent that they overlook current reality. They spend a significant amount of time thinking and discussing goals and plans that they couldn’t accomplish one thing.

CONS of being a tactical leader:

They are too determined to tick off their checklist that they lose sight of the vision. They also tend to be territorial. They don’t let anyone take over because they know they can get things done in a way nobody else can.

Which are you? Who are you as a leader? Do you wear two different hats at the same time? It’s important to know when is the right time and place to be either.

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