As an Operations Executive, I had demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive industries, cutting-edge markets, and fast-paced environments.

Through a respectful, constructive, and energetic style, guided by the objectives of the company, I provide the leadership, management, and vision necessary to ensure that the company has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively develop the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

Primary Responsibilities:

Provide day-to-day leadership and management to a service organization that mirrors the adopted mission and core values of the company.

Bottom Line: Build a beautiful company.

Responsible for driving the company to achieve and surpass sales, profitability, cash flow and business goals and objectives.

Spearhead the development, communication and implementation of effective growth strategies and processes.

Collaborate with the management team to develop and implement plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, processes, and personnel designed to accommodate the rapid growth objectives of our organization.

Motivate and lead a high performance management team; attract, recruit and retain required members of the executive team not currently in place; provide mentoring as a cornerstone to the management career development program.

Act as lead “client-care officer” through direct contact with every client and partner.

Assist, as required, in raising additional capital at appropriate valuations to enable the Company to meet sales, growth, and market share objectives.

Foster a success-oriented, accountable environment within the company.
Represent the firm with clients, investors, and business partners.

Our global resources can take your company to the next level

We are an American owned and operated business remote staffing company strategically located in the heart of the Clark Freeport Zone in the Philippines. Our goal is to help small and mid-sized companies leverage their business by offering the global resources that were previously only available to the Fortune 500 companies.

Our Benefits


Get Unparalleled Service with the help of your dedicated offshore staff.


We deliver result that are guaranteed to transcend expectations.


We love what we do and we do what we love.


Our certified professionals will add value to your business.

Be Our Partner

No matter what brand you want to communicate with your customers, we always strive to keep it lively and warm as though you are doing the job yourself. Our team makes it a point to be well-immersed in your brand to make our partnership abiding. An offshore contact center can be best described as challenging and eventful. Situations often demand an organized, focused and professional management. This is what we offer and this is what we stand by.