Working as a call center agent is challenging work — since the majority of outsourced service came from a western time zone, call center agents tend to work in night shift to meet the timezone of their western clients — and sleepiness is the greatest foe of all call center agents. This daily norm has been very common among call center agents, however, despite all the efforts to overcome sleepiness during night shift, it remains a daily burden. As a matter of fact, the struggle does not end during the night — since a lot of agents’ natural body rhythm is patterned on their respected timezone, sleeping during daylight is another struggle.

Moreover, there are various ways to overcome or perhaps lessen sleepiness during night shift. Notably, everything starts in preparation, it’s better to have a clear timeline to condition yourself prior the shift. In fact, having a good sleep or rest is still the best way to overcome sleepiness — however, I know it’s very difficult to sleep, especially during daylight. That’s why I highly advise to set your room’s atmosphere to total darkness; biologically speaking, our body secretes sleep-inducing hormone during total darkness, which help us fall asleep. As a matter of fact, various studies suggest that lack of proper rest can result to tiredness throughout the day.

Prior to the shift, it’s best to fuel your body with the right amount of food that will energize your body throughout the day — the higher quality food you consume, the better your mind and body will function. In addition to that, it’s also very crucial to properly hydrate your body by drinking a lot of water. A lot of people underestimate the power of water in their daily life. Drinking the right amount of water can help the body to function properly, especially the brain function.

In a published article by Hayley Irvin, “5 Super Easy Health Tips for Call Center Agents”, during a shift, it’s also important to do some stretching during breaks to reorganize your thoughts, especially if sleepiness is imminent — as a matter of fact, stretching can be done not only during breaks, but also while you are in your station, it’s also nice to move once in awhile especially if you are seated for more than 8 hours straight — just make sure it won’t affect your performance.

There are also different alternatives to ease sleepiness during graveyard shift; aside from the conventional coffee, call center agents can also use chocolate as an alternative to coffee. In fact, chocolate has more caffeine compared to coffee — it’s also nice to taste different after all.

In the end, staying healthy should be your top priority, and this can only be achieved if you give yourself the proper rest — just remember that health is wealth.