No matter the industry, how a company handles their customer service will always be vital to their success. There are so many websites and blogs that are dedicated to catching reviews of businesses that with just one bad experience the bad review reaches thousands of potential customers.  Delivering top of the line customer service can get extremely costly with the rise of labor costs. Technology advances also increases the manpower needed to be able to provide more options for customers to contact the business. Customer service needs to be available via phone, email and live chat support. Businesses around the world have found the most efficient way to reduce customer service costs without losing quality is to outsource all or a portion of the customer service activities.

If done correctly, delegating customer service allows companies to streamline their operations along with being more responsive to their customers.  Outsourcing is not a turnkey immediate solution to customer service needs and companies still need some involvement in the process to prevent losing customers  and negative brand impressions. In order to maintain quality and efficiency all processes require at least some ongoing management and oversight. Outsourcing projects aimed at only cutting operation costs are usually the ones that tend to not do well. Customer service outsourcing needs to have a primary goal of giving the best service to customers followed by reducing the companies expenditures.

For the companies whose primary motivation is increased customer service, not cost cutting, outsourcing provides multiple opportunities for service enhancement, including issue tracking and reporting, backup coverage during peak call times, 24/7 coverage availability and multilingual support. When outsourcing customer service, companies get access to proven world-class  service providers with advanced technology, proper training and manpower that provides efficient and effective service. Benefits of customer service outsourcing can be significant when done correctly.

Customer service outsourcing tends to work better with certain types of companies and challenges. It is easy to justify the cost-benefits when outsourcing customer service responsibilities during holidays and after hours to save the company from paying the overtime salaries. For small to medium-sized businesses that cannot afford additional offices  it is beneficial to outsource customer service so the company appears to be larger and is operating 24/7. Call centers offer a range of service options from fulltime outsourcing to emergency back up support. Most companies elect to use in-house customer service representatives for the high demand issues and leave outsourcing to handle the routine inquiries.

Outsourcing continues to be an effective way to streamline customer service operations. Outsourcing firms are able to provide enhanced customer service support for a lot less than an in-house call center. Companies are able to increase their budget for their core business functions when they save money with customer service outsourcing.