As the U.S. economy starts to really show signs of growth the real estate pros are generally optimistic about the housing market for 2018. Even with the relatively low inventory for available housing the overall demand still remains strong. There are still some rising fears tied to global events with North Korea and how President Donald Trump’s policies would impact the housing market. Still the general consensus is that people are looking to buy so the real estate industry will continue to expand.

The risky but optimistic global economy of 2018 has most real estate firms under pressure to increase their revenue while controlling their costs. Real estate companies are looking to add more agents and support staff to be prepared for their increase in business in 2018. It is key that the additional staff added is done so in the most cost effective way to both take advantage of the growing market and support the back office needs of the organization.

It is no surprise that the combination of these factors have led to real estate firms reaching out to outsourcing companies across the globe to leverage some of their added workload. Tens of thousands of real estate firms are already outsourcing their back office work which in return drastically cuts costs, increases production, improves their service consistencies along with gives main staff more time to focus on their core competencies.  All sorts of smaller jobs can be lifted from the shoulders of the firms agents and handled by an outsourcing company or virtual assistant for a more than reasonable fee. This frees up time for the real estate agents to do what they do best – list and sell property.

In order to truly be in the best possible situation to catch an opportunity, agents need to be able to immediately reply to a request to view a listed property  or respond to an information request. In the real estate industry it is expected that agents be available at all times so any of these requests left unanswered can be the difference between closing a deal and losing a customer. Technology and telephone answering enables real estate firms to say they are open 24/7, someone is always available whatever the time of day or requirement.  Outsourcing the simple tasks of appointment setting and basic reception is just the surface of how the real estate industry is preparing for the expected growth in 2018.