Keeping a sales operation healthy means having a steady source of quality prospects. A sales tunnel is widest at the beginning of the sales process and then narrows down to potential customers. In order to even have those potential customers the funnel must be filled with prospects. It is no secret that salespeople find cold calling and prospecting as one of their least favorite tasks. Regardless of how important prospecting is to growing their customer base, in-house representatives would much rather be focusing on closing deals. Outsourced prospecting lets the sales representatives do just that.

Prospecting is such a tedious task that people will do whatever it takes to find something else to work on. Even when they do decide to pursue cold leads they are usually quick to give up after just a few rejections. A large percentage of cold leads require some pleasant persistence. Outsourced prospecting agents are masters at being persistent and have no problem cold calling thousands of numbers for 8 hours a day. Even in the rare occasion a company has a sales team this determined to find prospects it still costs a fortune to maintain. Outsourced prospecting can be acquired for pennies on the dollar and produce better results

Getting prospects from an outsourcing company ensures the sales pipeline never runs dry. When companies outsource they become more resilient since this approach mitigates operational risks. They are not hiring an employee but hiring a process that has a clear outline and agreement. Output speed and quality does not vary with employee vacations or illnesses. Companies know what to expect with outsourced prospecting which makes managing the pipeline and predicting future sales simple.

Once a company decides to outsource prospecting they will no longer need to focus on this function. This provides the sales team the benefit of re-allocation and increasing productivity since the burden of this time consuming task is off of their plate. Sales associates will have more time to meet these qualified prospects and sell to them. Outsourced prospecting handles the entire process, uncovers great sales leads and builds prospect databases for sales teams to go in and close, filling the sales funnel with opportunities and boosting the sales operations performance. Increase the bottom line with outsourced prospecting!