Call center work has been one of the high-compensating jobs in the professional industry. As a matter of fact, in other countries, some BPO firms don’t even require their applicants to have a bachelor’s degree. However, the majority of call center agents in these countries hold a bachelor’s degree and even went to a reputable school, especially in locations such as the Philippines and India. Having a degree in this industry has been just one prerequisite and conditional requirement. Regardless of applicant’s educational background and work experience, it’s noteworthy to know what are the must-have qualities of a good call center agent.

Probably one of the most important characteristics a call center agent must have is knowledge retention. To optimize an agent’s performance, call center agents need to absorb large amount of information. In the first place, the primary goal of an agent is to provide exceptional support to customers, and this can only be achieved by memorizing large amounts of knowledge about the company and its service or product. As a matter of fact, having good knowledge retention ability can improve customers’ experience and agents’ performance.

At the frontline of the company, call center agents are exposed to a demanding environment and dealing with customers’ different personalities every day is a bit challenging. In this kind of working environment, being flexible is very important. As an illustration, agents need to handle dozens of calls every day, and dealing with an array of customers is inevitable. Moreover, since the majority of offshoring companies are in different time zones, call center agents should also be flexible working in challenging hours. (Night shift, weekends and during holidays)

Indeed, having effective communication skills is probably the must-have ability of an aspiring call center agent. Regardless of educational background, having effective communication skills is very important. — Take note, good communication skills are not only limited to conveying verbal messages or thoughts, but also involve active listening. As a matter of fact, active listening will help agents communicate more clearly and effectively.

In addition to active listening, call center agents’ primary goals are to provide the highest quality of customer support to avoid the same problem happening again. To avoid repeating problems, it’s a must for call center agents to carefully pay attention to detail; by doing this, agents would have a greater understanding of the customer’s issue. Combined with clarification, customer problems can be easily solved.

In the end, mastering these abilities cannot be done in a short period of time; even competent and skilled professionals started their careers as learners. As a matter of fact, practice and daily work experience is still the best way in improving one’s abilities.