In today’s market there are so many things involved with marketing that it can get overwhelming really fast. From branding to advertising to social media a lot of small business owners are getting lost in the question of “where do I start?” In order to answer that question you must first understand the basic goal of marketing: Reaching customers. Potential customers need to hear your message several times, so when the opportunity arises, you are the first company they think of.¬† It is extremely important that you get your brand across multiple platforms in order to have a successful marketing campaign. So where do you start with marketing?

Like anything in business or life in general, the first thing when it comes to marketing is to get organized. Put time aside to thoroughly brainstorm and come up with a plan on what you would like to tell people about your business. Come up with a less than 30 second spiel that will get people interested and wanting more of what you offer. The goal here is to make sure you will have a great first impression.

The first time someone hears about your company they are going to jump on Google and view your website. If you do not already have a website¬† for your business then it is strongly advised you make that one of your first priorities in your marketing strategy. There a ton of do it yourself website services where you pay small fee then basically setup the website on your own. This do it yourself approach is not advisable since you usually “get what you pay for” so leave the website building to the experts. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly with search engine optimization to have the best chance at being viewed by internet surfers. A website not only shows you are real and legitimate company but it also gives you an opportunity to offer information to your potential customers.

Marketing on the internet definitely should not stop with getting a website that shows up on Google. Social media branding could be the most effective marketing strategy being used today. Pretty much everyone has a Facebook account so take advantage of the free marketing they offer by creating a business Facebook page. In fact, you should create a page for your business across all of the most popular social media sites like Youtube, Twitter and Linked-In.

Remember the key to marketing is to get your brand across a variety of platforms and hope that enough of your name makes it through to your customers. Business marketing starts with putting together a plan on how to gain that good first impression , getting a functional and professional website built and increasing your company’s presence on social media.