The call center industry has been one of the lucrative industries emerging in Asia, particularly in India and the Philippines, which served as the few Asian countries that had a developed market in the BPO industry. As a matter of fact, working in a call center industry in these countries has been a general trend, particularly for people who are looking for a high ­compensating salary and self growth and development.

However, entering the call center industry is not an easy process, applicants should first pass a series of interviews, composed sometimes of individual and panel interviews. As an illustration,interviewer(s) will ask various questions to gauge your verbal communication skills. In fact,sometimes they will intimidate you like a lawyer asking an accused in a trial, just to measure your tolerance in dealing with enraged customers.

If you passed this level of the limbo ­­ welcome to the jungle!

Being a call center agent is one of the satisfying jobs you will have, aside of higher compensation and benefits. You will also meet a lot of friends in this industry, who will be your best friends forever.

As a newbie, learning the art of customer service is probably the most challenging part of this industry, aside from learning all the aspects of your product. Probably, the most grueling part is how to adjust yourself to the personality of your customers, which will take time and failure attempts. In this moment in your career, you will realize how challenging and fulfilling the call center industry is.

Moreover, working in a call center is a demanding job. You need to work more or less nine hours, sit and talk to irate customers every day. Considering this kind of working environment, you need to have a high quality of physical and mental health to endure this kind of work every day. You need to sacrifice some of your basic necessities like going to the comfort room, or resting for a while, because the job requires your full attention ­­ it will definitely force your human capacity. In all honesty, these are the reasons why a lot of people enjoy this career. The challenges and the fulfillment’s are the things that fuel them to go to work every day.

In addition to that, helping someone (customers) get through to their problems can be humbling and fulfilling ­­ it’s a priceless experience! Having good communication skills is just one aspect that you need to have if you want to enter this industry. As a matter of fact, having a positive attitude in this industry will help you bridge between the market and customers, wherein transactions and any problems can be solved or can be done easily.