Benefits to Outsource Database Management

Small to medium-sized businesses heavily rely on internet technology and databases to keep their operations running. Marketing and sales activates, customers information, administration and accounting records along with customers interactions are all stored in these crucial databases. Companies must have up to date and properly functioning databases to monitor the core direction and developments of their business. Information technology and databases are becoming more and more vital to a business’s success which in return increases overall operating costs. Business outsourcing companies continue to stay on top of this trend and can seamlessly take over database management.

Outsourcing database management basically cuts through the clutter and streamlines the entire database process. Outsourcing companies can quickly handle any database project and already have IT systems and subject matter experts in place to get the desired results business’s look for. Companies today are for the most part always-on but are lean on IT staffing, making it difficult to give that true around the clock support. This means they do not have time to focus on the bigger and more important tasks like developing new applications or improving operational efficiencies. BPO companies offer 24/7 database support in the most efficient way. Outsourcing database processes frees up a business’s internal staff so they can focus on those core projects directly affecting the bottom line.

Cost savings are usually the most tangible benefit and give instant gratification when outsourcing database management. BPO companies give businesses access to a larger variety of talent at a small fraction of the cost to hiring specific internal full-time employees to handle database management.  According to a study by the MIT Sloan Management Review, 300 U.S. companies who spent $96.1 million on IT outsourcing yielded a savings of $121.1 million in operating costs and other non-IT functions.

Database management cost time and money but does not directly affect business growth. It is one of those “keep the business running” processes that are perfect for getting outsourced. Outsourcing database management greatly reduces costs, increases reliability and frees time for key players to focus on the core projects needed for business growth. The benefits of outsourcing are too great for small to medium-sized businesses to not at least consider outsourced database management as a practical solution moving forward.

Effortless Bookkeeping

Keeping your finances in check is one of the most important parts of running your business. Bookkeeping is a tedious task that no business owner or manager should have to get involved with. Save yourself the time and agony of all the fine detail tracking and recording. Focus on the bottom line! Small businesses around the world have had great success using outsourcing services. Outsourcing is the key to Effortless Bookkeeping.

Saving time is the most obvious benefit of outsourcing but that is not where it ends when it comes to bookkeeping outsourcing. When you outsource bookkeeping and other financial processes you reduce the risk of fraud in your business. You need to ensure separation of duties and privacy when dealing with the businesses finances. No better way of accomplishing that than to hire an outsourcing company located overseas to handle it for you. Outsourcing is the key to Effortless Bookkeeping.

Most small businesses and startup companies have limited resources so their bookkeeping tasks fall to someone that has a much larger role in the company. Let’s face it, creating business strategies and closing deals take priority. With that, bookkeeping processes get mismanaged and placed on the back-burner. Hiring a bookkeeper will ensure all financial reporting is on time and 100% accurate. Outsourced bookkeepers are inexpensive and experts in these tedious bookkeeping tasks. Outsourcing is the key to Effortless Bookkeeping.

Outsourcing bookkeeping is a no-brainer when it comes to cutting costs. In-house bookkeepers usually have a base salary of about $30-40K before any overhead costs. Add that extra 25% to factor in benefits, taxes, facility cost, etc., and you are at about $50K for bookkeeping. With outsourcing there are is no overhead costs, you pay a monthly flat rate (around $1000) which covers all bookkeeping needs. Add it all up and you save more than 75% when you outsource bookkeeping. Don’t forget the training and management costs you are cutting. Outsourcing is the key to Effortless Bookkeeping ­for pennies on the dollar.

Bookkeeping will always be one of those important administrative tasks that nobody likes to do. Bookkeepers are experts at this stressful, confusing and time-consuming process. Using an outsourcing company is the most efficient way of handling your bookkeeping processes. Keep your finances up to date with little cost and no effort. Outsourcing is the key to Effortless Bookkeeping.